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PROJECT DESCRIPTION Making available medical facilities

India has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. However, various eye opening data from NFHS clearly indicate that access to healthcare still remains a challenge. Health is not everything but everything else is nothing without health. Nearly 27% of the total deaths in India happen with no medical attention at the time of death, according to the 2013 civil registration data released by the Census directorate.

Slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions owing to mainly two reasons:

Lack of education Unwillingness to lose a day’s wage in order to reach the nearest clinic. These problems can be solved by community participation and coordination. To address this scenario, we need to first make available basic healthcare facilities in all areas. Even though at many places some medical facilities are available but there is no health awareness especially in rural areas. Therefore healthcare awareness is required.


1000 volunteers required in first phase for this cause Need private Clinics and Hospitals who can provide free basic medical facilities to poor or with discounted fee in surrounding areas. Need donors who can donate blanket, medicines, first aid box etc. Create health awareness among rural people Voluntarily Doctors who are working in rural clinic can provide door to door medical services to old age people.

Role of Volunteers

Identify people who are sick and either not willing to visit healthcare centre or have financial problem in surrounding areas. Help them to go to nearest healthcare centre and have required treatment. On holidays make a group of volunteers (not more than 5 volunteers in each group) and host door to door medical awareness campaign. Co-ordinate with Dr who provides door to door free medical checkup as part of their voluntary social activity.