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Ration Shop!

PROJECT DESCRIPTION : Agro Commerce Ration Shop is the trade name of Agro Commerce Promotion Council it’s engaged in the support business of marketing agro produce and agro allied products. It’s to develop the economic level of farmers and to get right price for the Agricultural products cultivated by Indian farmers. This ration shop’s License is to provide in priority basis for Underprivileged, People under poverty line, Unemployed, Naturally challenged person, Destitute widows, SHG, NGO, T.Gen, Schedule caste, Schedule Tribes and also other caste in respectively. Through this shop we motivate to direct selling for people in village, town and all areas in all states without inter mediators. This will develop the economic level of each farmer’s by getting best price for all products cultivated and manufactured by Indian Farmers. The Agro products and FMCG products directly source from farmer to all Indian consumers in subsidy prices. By this project of ration shop, all the people of nation will get all vegetables, fruits & its value added products and all FMCG products in subsidy price.